All around the world, each and every day, millions of people from all walks of life pick up a basketball to shoot some hoops at their local court.

They might imagine they are Michael Jordan, hitting one fadeaway after the other. Or maybe they are just relaxing after a day of hard work. Either way, all they need is a hoop and a ball.

It is on these courts where the pure essence of the game manifests itself. And whenever I come across one (or an arena, occasionally), I try to capture some of the spirit that makes basketball such a unique experience, by taking a photo and posting it on this site.

About me

Born in 1980 in Kampen, the Netherlands. Started playing basketball when I was 16 years old. Since then, I have become a true basketball fanatic. Working as a team leader for a commercial team based out of Deventer, the Netherlands. I have also worked as a news reporter and investigative journalist for a number of years.

About the photos

I have taken all the photos myself, while I was travelling for work or during trips with my family and friends. No, I am not a professional photographer. And no, there is indeed not a single person to be seen on any of the photos, simply because I like them more this way!

About my book

I am also workig on a book about (former) NBA players, coaches and executives with Dutch roots. You can find more information about this project on this website.

Get in Touch

jlp.journalistiek (a) gmail.com



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